CANTRAIN Management Team

Bruno J. Battistini, BSc, MSc, PhD

National Executive Director & Chief Operating Officer

Dr. Battistini has over 25 years of professional experience in the health / medical research sector Before becoming President, CEO and Scientific Director of a Provincial Health Research Foundation, he occupied senior positions in the private sector (CSO, VP, (Senior) Director), was a Health Research Scholar and Assistant-Professor (Medicine) at Université Laval, and Scientist at Hôpital Laval – Quebec Heart & Lung Institute, and still lectures at the Université de Sherbrooke and Adjunct-Professor at uOttawa. He fostered strategic investment plans, developed many new programs / value demonstration initiatives, partnered and established alliances with many charities, federal agencies, national programs in aging, and the private sector, fostering an overall exponential increase in the Foundation’s activities and investment in the Health Research Enterprise and the knowledge economy. He created several Chairs at universities and the first NCE-AgeWell National Innovation Hub called APPTA who he Chaired from the start. He served on several provincial and national advisory committees, peer-review committees, and boards, was Co-Chair of and the Forum of Health Research Funders, continue to Chair the Research Oversight Committee of the $100M FACS program at CQDM for the past 4 years and is the recipient of many national awards and honors, >125 publications and >350 presentations.

Caroline Béland has more than 20 years of experience in organizing and managing multidisciplinary teams. A graduate of the University of Montreal in art history (M.A., 2011), she taught art history at college before becoming an executive assistant at Indigo Parc Canada Inc. and then at the Metropolitan Transport Network (exo), to finally touch on management as an IT and ITS operations supervisor, still at exo. Her experience in diverse environments allowed her to become aware of the issues relating to changes in companies, which led her to pursue studies at HEC Montréal in Organizational Leadership. Her expertise, her systemic vision and her human-centric approach are welcome in our emerging national clinical trials training program.

Sandra Peláez, B.Ed.Psy., M.Sc., Ph.D.

National Director, Clinical Trials Training Programs’ Streams

Dr. Peláez is a counsellor-researcher interested in behaviour change, chronic disease self-management, patient-physician collaboration, and knowledge translation. More specifically, and through the means of qualitative inquiry, Dr. Peláez worked at better understanding patients’ experience of living with a chronic disease, and at providing a grounded and sensitive response to the struggles that behaviour change represents.

Dr. Peláez is an adjunct professor at the Université de Montreal (Canada) and an affiliated researcher at the Research Centre of the St. Justine Hospital (Montreal, Canada). Dr Peláez has a Bachelors in Educational Psychology, completed at the Universidad Nacional de Lomas de Zamora (Bs. As., Argentina), a Masters in Sport and Exercise Psychology from the Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia (Madrid, Spain), a Doctorate in Interdisciplinary Sciences at Concordia University (Montreal, Canada) and two post-doctorates, one from McGill University (Montreal, Canada, 2011-2013) in which she was trained in health education, and another one from the Institut national de recherche scientifique, Centre Armand-Frappier (Montreal, Canada, 2015), in which she immersed herself in the field of epidemiology. This training and expertise allowed her to join the Institut national d’excellence en santé et service sociaux (INESSS) as a scientific professional (Montreal, Canada, 2019 -2022). During her studies, Dr Peláez was supported by multiple training awards.

Luis Armando Garcia Garza

Coordinator, IT Systems

Mr. Luis Armando García has a solid experience of almost 30 years in programming and administration of computer systems. During his career in his native Mexico, he obtained an academic degree as an Electronic Systems Engineer at the Tecnológico de Monterrey. He has given proof of his abilities in the coordination and programming for a ‘’Quick Vote Count System’’ for an important electoral process and from that experience, he has been invited to participate in the maintenance of the electronic catalog of The Mexican Federal Judicial Weekly of the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation. He then participated in an IT management team and local network administration for one of the most recognized university centers in the north of the country.

In his Canadian experience in Montreal, Quebec, Luis Armando has served as an IT Consultant for the Respiplus organization (, implementing the graphic design of teaching materials, the development for an online exercise learning platform, and the well-known ‘’Living Well with COPD’’ series. He also served as technical coordinator for the Research Institute of the McGill University Health Center, contributing to the rebranding and design for the new website of the Canadian Cohort Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (

Christina Farant

National Coordinator, Prostgraduate Students CTTP Stream

Christina Farant is the National Training Coordinator for the Postgraduate Training stream of CANTRAIN. Christina’s objectives include providing high-quality online and experiential learning, as well as broadening the range of possible careers for postgraduate students interested in clinical trials and regulatory affairs.

Christina previously worked as the Training Coordinator for the Desjardins Centre for Advanced Training (DCAT) of the McGill University Health Centre’s Research Institute (RI-MUHC). Her primary responsibility was to plan and coordinate postgraduate trainees’ career exploration and development training programs, activities, and events. Christina is passionate about instructional and graphic design and is committed to expanding her education and skill set in order to provide students with the finest experience possible.

Outside the office, Christina enjoys reading novels and listening to true crime and history podcasts. In her hometown of Montreal, Quebec, she enjoys spending time with her husband, young daughter, and their two cats.

Mohamed Mahfoudi

Manager/Administrator, IT Systems

Mr. Mohamed Mahfoudi has 17 years of experience in the administration of network systems, integration of enterprise resource planning (ERP) and implementation and administration of websites. He was webmaster of one of the largest press companies in his native country (, 2005-2019). He worked as such in several other companies as part of a project funded by the Ministry of Small and Medium companies where he had to implement an Integrated Management System by importing existing data, customizing and training end users.

During his career, Mohamed also worked as a consultant, network and web administrator with several companies where he had to manage computers, network parks, web servers and websites.