What is CANTRAIN and what makes it unique

What is unique to CANTRAIN, is combining existing clinical trial training platforms by engaging Mentors that will increase competency beyond e-Learning, e-Training modules and webinars. CANTRAIN is targeting Postgraduate Students, Clinical Research Professionals, Trialists and Community Partners distinctiveness.

Training platforms co-created from multi-jurisdictional and multi- institutional collaborations

CANTRAIN define end-user needs and customize training activities to fit those needs through modular learning. It focuses on standardized competency building (not only on capacity building) with transferability career paths across institutions and organizations. Finally, it makes training accessible and innovative (in-person and e-Learning/virtual learning) and adaptable/flexible (through modular learning) and ensure sustainability.

Accredited training programs & hands-on practice

The overarching goals are to enhance national clinical research capability and quality into CRE (clinical research education) and GCP (good clinical practice weblink) though accredited training programs and hand-on practice with interactive activities. CANTRAIN integrates 21st century clinical & regulatory affairs (C&RA) experience relative to gender-balanced patients, people with disabilities, their families, policy-makers, communicators, communities and real-world operations.

Real-world environment

CANTRAIN brings modernization of those e-Learning and e-Training modules/webinars for training programs out-reaching the spectrum of trial stakeholders (e.g. coordinators, project managers, monitoring, regulatory affairs specialists, investigators, knowledge translation and patient partners) at a national level, achieving a pan-Canadian team for clinical trials’ training. Training programs are accompanied by mentors, while providing an additional opportunity to conduct internship in a real-world environment in the public and private sectors as well as serving better modern clinical research addressing equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI) of Black, Indigenous, People of Color, Immigrants, Refugees, minoritized, underserved and underrepresented groups.



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