What is CANTRAIN and what makes it unique?

CANTRAIN stands out by fully integrating modular, on-line training with experiential and engaged learning opportunities and expert mentorship. This distinctive approach goes beyond what is commonly found in existing clinical trial training programs. Engaged, experiential learning, informed by adult learning principles, combined with expert guidance from mentors who actively participate in the training process, greatly enhances skill development and professional competency. In addition, CANTRAIN’s modular training can be tailored for various types of learners and levels of experience and expertise. These stakeholders include coordinators, project managers, monitoring specialists, regulatory affairs experts, investigators, knowledge translation professionals, and patient partners, among others. As a result, CANTRAIN provides a unique training experience that combines the convenience of online resources with the benefits of personalized guidance from experienced mentors.

Training platforms co-created from multi-jurisdictional and multi- institutional collaborations

CANTRAIN identifies the needs of end-users and tailors training activities accordingly through modular learning. The program emphasizes the development of standardized professional competencies, going beyond mere sharing of information and completion of online training modules. A focus on professional competencies facilitates the transferability of skills across different institutions and organizations, enabling standardized professional development paths and career trajectories. Our modular approach to mentored e-Learning is accessible, adaptable, and innovative, ensuring the sustainability of CANTRAIN for the future.

Accredited training programs & hands-on practice

The overarching goal of CANTRAIN is to harmonize, enhance and sustain the quality and capacity of the Canadian clinical trials workforce through an innovative and integrated training platform. This approach revolutionizes the existing clinical trials training landscape by extending standardized programming to a broad spectrum of trial stakeholders across the entire country. With a dedicated pan-Canadian team, CANTRAIN provides accredited training programs that combine theoretical knowledge with hands-on practice, experiential learning opportunities and expert mentorship.

Real-world environment

CANTRAIN’s training programs are enriched by the real-world experience of mentors. In addition, CANTRAIN offers internship opportunities in real-world environments in both the public and private sectors. This comprehensive approach not only provides exposure to the current state in clinical research, it provides Canadian experience to a broader range of stakeholders. By including the expertise and perspectives of community partners, including patients and families, policymakers, communicators, racialized, marginalized, underserved, and underrepresented communities, CANTRAIN aims to elevate the overall effectiveness and inclusivity of clinical research endeavors.



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