CANTRAIN needs you!

A key element in CANTRAIN vision and mission is to fully integrate e-Learning and e-Training elective webinars-modules with live access to Mentors which engagement and communication will enrich knowhow and knowledge transmission of years’ of real-world evidence into the conduct of clinical trials. Experiential components and interactive events will spread across training periods.

We invite you, Mid-Senior to Senior Trialists, Clinicians, Scientists, from public/academic institutions and health authorities, from the private sector pharmaceutical industry, from non-for-profit, to manifest yourself and become part of CANTRAIN Academy of Mentors that will focus on standardized competency and capacity building.

CANTRAIN includes EDI (equity, diversity and inclusion) Mentors, Patient Partners and knowledge mobilizers, enhancing our ability to break down barriers and build a larger, more diverse workforce critical to high quality and efficient clinical trial research.

CANTRAIN needs content and career-development Mentors with a proven track records overarching a variety of clinical expertise from pediatrics to older adults, from neurological to cardiometabolic diseases, and many other conditions, related to trial phases, modern trial designs, decentralized clinical trials, drug and non-pharmacological trials, advanced monitoring, data preparation, management and machine learning.