CANTRAIN needs you!

A key element of CANTRAIN’s vision and mission is to fully integrate modular, on-line training with experiential learning opportunities and expert mentorship.  We need your help to break down barriers and provide guidance to a larger and more diverse workforce, to enable high quality and efficient clinical trial research to benefit all Canadians.

By leveraging the real-world insight and experience of mentors, we hope to encourage more clinicians to participate in clinical trials with confidence, standardize the quality and competence of clinical research professionals, and promote the clinical research sector as an attractive career option.

We invite you to share your knowledge and experience as a member of CANTRAIN Connect – The CANTRAIN College of Mentors. We are seeking mentors from across the clinical trials ecosystem, working in the public or private sectors, from clinician scientists, regulatory affairs specialists and research coordinators to IDEA mentors (inclusion, diversity, equity and accessibility), patient partners and knowledge mobilizers: anyone with a desire to share their experience and help make the Canadian clinical research workforce among the best in the world.