Implement training programs addressing individuals with differentiated needs, from entry level to experienced professionals, through flexible, stackable modules and webinars delivering certificates.


Harmonize, enhance, innovate and sustain the quality and capacity of clinical trials professionals and coalition partners through an accessible training platform, co-created from multi-jurisdictional and multi-institutional collaborations.


  • Learn new skills/tools
  • Grow professionally
  • Master certain skills
  • Broaden your skill set
  • Maintain your expertise
  • Become an expert


  • Excellence stewardship
  • Equity
  • Accessibility integrity
  • Accountability
  • Caring
  • Civility
  • Community


In accordance with the CIHR’s objective, CANTRAIN objectives are to support the clinical trials pipeline from discovery to implementation by offering a suite of programs adapted to the specific needs of Postgraduates Students, Clinical Research Professionals, Trialists and Community Partners.

1) To improve the quality of education programs by defining end-user needs and customizing training through modular learning and mentorship;

2) To focus on standardized competency building (not only on capacity building) consistent with transparency, recognition by focusing on common set of competencies, transferability career paths across institutions and organizations;

3) To differentiate needs from entry-level to experienced professionals, and offer tailored levels of training and flexible stackable certificates;

4) To increase recruitment and participation into clinical trial training programs, break barriers faced by underserved groups, and identify and monitor the efficacy of strategies to maximize equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI);

5) To make training accessible and innovative (in-person and e-Learning/virtual learning) and adaptable/flexible (through modular learning); and sustainable (beyond the 3 years’ of CIHR funding);

6) To enhance collaboration between industry, academia and non-academia, with specific focus on patient partner engagement.